Best Outdoor Flood Lights Bulbs 2023: Top 10

Sometimes it might be quite difficult to find the best outdoor flood lights bulbs. With every niche market offering so many different products, it makes sense that this is the case.

Unfortunately, this very fact can make it incredibly difficult to find the item that best suits your needs, which is why we’ve put together this outdoor flood lights bulbs buying guide.

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Our Favorite Outdoor Flood Lights Bulbs Reviews:

Bestseller No. 1
SYLVANIA LED Flood PAR38 Light Bulb, 90W Equivalent, Efficient 13W, 10 Year, 1175 Lumens, Medium Base, Dimmable, 5000K, Daylight - 2 Pack (79736)
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient LED PAR38 flood light replacement for a 90W halogen bulb, lasting 4 times longer and using 13W to illuminate 1175 lumens of daylight illumination
  • Average rated life of 11,000 hours means less time replacing light bulbs and a lifespan of 10 years.
  • These bulbs can be used in indoor and outdoor, closed applications & are wet rated.
  • RoHS compliant bulb, emitting zero mercury, lead or other hazardous materials.
  • Instant On: No warm up time required.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Ge Halogen Par Flood Bulb Flood 80 W 1600 Lumens 3000K 2 Pack
  • G E Lighting
  • Item Package Quantity: 2
  • 30 Degree Beam
  • 80 Watt PAR38
SaleBestseller No. 3
Energetic PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Light Bulb, 5000K Daylight, 90 Watt Equivalent (11W), Wet Rated, 900LM, E26 Base, Non-Dimmable, UL, 6 Pack
  • 💡【LED Outdoor Light Bulb】PAR38 LED flood outdoor light bulbs are waterproof. Ideal for indoor/outdoor track lighting fixtures and perfect for outdoor applications like security light
  • 💡【Energy Efficient & Long Lasting】 LED flood outdoor light use only 11W, equivalent to 90-watt halogen and incandescent bulbs, saving up to 87% electricity. Average 15,000 hrs lifespan, lasts up to 13.69 years(3 hours per day)
  • 💡【Wide Application】Wet Rated - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as living room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, shops, as well as installing into lighting fixtures for led ceiling floodlights, led recessed light bulb, can light bulbs, track light bulbs, etc
  • 💡【Technical Features】 LED flood outdoor light, PAR38 shape, daylight 5000K, standard E26 medium screw base, 900 lumens, non-dimmable, wet rated, AC-120V, 40-degree beam angle
  • 💡【Warranty】 Certified by UL to ensure these PAR38 damp/wet LED flood light bulbs meet strict test criteria including safety, flicker, strobe, glare, etc. 2-year hassle-free WARRANTY
Bestseller No. 4
SYLVANIA ECO LED PAR38 Light Bulb, 90W = 14W, 7 Year, Non-Dimmable, 1000 Lumens, Clear, 3000K, White – 2 Pack (40881)
  • Long-Lasting: This 2-pack of 7 year LED lamps make an energy-efficient replacement and substitute for standard 90 watt incandescent lamps; At 14 watts, each bulb emits the bright light output of 1,000 lumens.
  • Cost Savings: These bulbs are a great energy-saving replacement for old incandescent bulbs because each lamp has a total lifespan of up to 7,700 hours. Estimated yearly cost of only $1.69!
  • Energy Savings: These 14W LED lightbulbs require less energy and can save money on your energy bill. Each soft white light bulb works as a great replacement for old 90 watts incandescent bulbs
  • Design: These bulbs produce 3000K of warm white color and 1000 lumens of brightness. With a standard E26 screw base, easily replace traditional bulbs for quick and easy installation to start saving today.
  • Please note that this bulb is non-dimmable and does not ship to California.
Bestseller No. 5
10 Pack PAR30 Outdoor LED Flood Light Bulb 12W 100 Watt Equivalent 900 Lumens Dimmable Waterproof E26 3000K Warm White LED Flood Light Bulbs for Security Led Spotlight Bulb Led Recessed Light Bulbs
  • High Power Bulb: This Bluex Bulbs PAR30 long neck led dimmable 100w led bulb High Lumen Bulb boasts 900 lumens ! This bulb will light up - Dimmable 0%-100%,no-flicker or strobe, no humming or buzzing led flood lights Suitable For Damp Location Only
  • Energy Saver: Enjoy lighting the way in the dark and save money on electric bills at the same time. This low, 12-wattage bulb 100 watt flood light bulbs indoor uses less energy and endures longer, making it the perfect replacement to an incandescent and outdoor our halogen light bulb.
  • High-Performance: Easy to install with an E26 base led spot lights outdoor indoor, each 40-degree wide flood bulb emits a warm white 3000K color temperature to light up your property, assuring night safety and improving security.
  • Versatile Use: For led spot lights outdoor and indoor, this High-Power Bulb is ideal for fixtures, backyards, garages, porches, sheds, driveways led spotlights, warehouses and much more outdoor led flood light bulb.
  • Safe Alternative: Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these par30 led bulb led spot light are a perfect Halogen replacement Flood Spot Lights do not contain mercury and won't release any hazardous gases. As such, there's no need to worry if a bulb breaks or about having to recycle it.
SaleBestseller No. 6
GE Lighting Halogen PAR38 Indoor and Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs, 80-Watts, 1600 Lumen, Medium Base, White, 2-Pack
  • Recessed light bulbs for indoors and outdoors: These PAR38 light bulbs provide directional lighting designed for use in recessed ceiling fixtures, tracklights, and polelights.
  • Illuminate your home with halogen light bulbs: These 80-Watt flood light bulbs are an energy efficient replacement for 90-120W light bulbs. This GE recessed lighting costs $9.64 per year in energy to operate.
  • Vibrant white light bulbs: The flood light bulbs illuminate your home inside and out with strong, vibrant light. These flood lights are perfect for hard-to-reach sockets that are frequently left on.
  • Directs light where needed: These indoor and outdoor flood light bulbs' funnel shape and reflective coating help direct light where it is needed better than a standard halogen light bulb.
  • Wide beam light bulbs: The floodlight design casts wide beams of light to illuminate your home with halogen light.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Gonhom Par38 LED Flood Light Bulbs Outdoor 2 Pack, 5000K Daylight-Non-Dimmable, 20W Replace up to 200W, 1800LM, E26 Base Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs for Backyard, Garage, Porch, Gardens
  • Energy Saving: 20W replace up to 200W flood light bulbs, enjoy 1800 LM daylight saving over 87% of energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Long Lifespan: LED flood light bulbs indoor service life up to 50,000 hours, largely reduce the frequency of replacing LED bulb and save money on replacement, making it the perfect replacement to an halogen light bulb.
  • High Performance: Standard Par38 outdoor flood light bulbs, standard E26 base, easy to install. LED flood light outdoor bulb daylight 5000K, NON-Dimmable, AC-110V, 180-degree beam angle.
  • Wide Application: This flood light bulb ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as gardens, backyards, patios, porches, garages, workshops, warehouses etc.
  • Safe Alternative: These flood lights outdoor bulbs unlike fluorescent bulbs a perfect replacement for halogen light. Not contain mercury and won't release any hazardous gases. As such, there's no need to worry if a LED bulb breaks or about having to recycle it.
Bestseller No. 8
Explux 250 Watt Equivalent PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb, Super Bright 3100 Lumens, Dimmable, Full-Glass Outdoor Waterproof & Anti-Ageing, 5000K Daylight Spotlight, 2-Pack
  • Super Bright: 3100 lumens light from a standard PAR38 bulb size, and dimmable.
  • Superior Outdoor Endurance: The full hard-glass bulb body not only has the excellent waterproof nature, but also resists the UV rays under the sun without any ageing or weathering issues.
  • Professional Features: Dimmable, 110° Extra Wide beam spread angle, Water-proof & Sun-proof, Industry-leading 25,000 hours long rated lifespan.
  • Long-lasting Energy Savings: Replace 250-watt incandescent/halogen BR38/BR40/PAR38 bulbs by spending merely 25 watts electricity and lasting 25 times longer.
  • Caution: This bulb is compatible with most dimmers in the market. In rare cases when incompatible issues such as flickering, strobing, or irregular dimming performance occur, please return the bulbs for full refund.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Sunco 1800 Lumens Outdoor LED Flood Light Waterproof PAR38 LED Bulb, Dimmable, 15W=150W, 5000K Daylight, E26 Base, UL Energy Star Listed 6 Pack
  • Top Rated Dimmable PAR38 LED Bulbs / Spotlights, Fits 6” Cans
  • DIMMABLE - Seamless dimming capabilities (10%-100%) that fit any mood or decor. Our PAR38 LED spot light bulbs are instant on with the latest in LED flicker free technology.
  • WATERPROOF - Fits 6” cans. The weatherproof rating and dust-tight construction ensures our PAR38 bulbs stand up to the elements for reliable outdoor security light in any weather. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications such as driveways, basements, decks or garages. NARROW BEAM ANGLE - PAR38 LED bulbs make a great spotlight to highlight architectural elements or accent sculptures or décor.
  • UL CERTIFIED & ENERGY STAR LISTED - We uphold the highest standards by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. Our PAR38 LED bulbs offer a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent) and reduced relamping costs.
  • SUNCO BENEFITS - 5-Year Warranty! Sunco is proudly based in the USA, offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and knowledgeable support specialists. Not for sale in California.
SaleBestseller No. 10
GE Ultra Bright LED Light Bulbs, Outdoor Floodlight Bulb, Wet Rated, Warm White (1 Pack), 32 watts
  • 250 Watt replacement using only 32 Watts (3000 lumens)
  • Rated to last 22 years based on 3 hours per day use
  • Saves 599 dollars on energy costs per bulb vs. 250-Watt PAR38 halogen over the bulb's life
  • Dimmable and works with most dimmer switches
  • Warm white light/3000 Kelvin color temperature

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How to find the best outdoor flood lights bulbs?

Here, we’ll be going over a number of factors that you can use to ensure that you’re purchasing the best outdoor flood lights bulbs for you.

Regardless of which type of item you’re looking to buy, chances are that there are existing buying guides on the internet, all of which aim to give you good outdoor flood lights bulbs recommendations.

Despite these recommendations, however, it’s always a good idea to do your own research. In addition to this research, asking yourself the following questions is also super helpful:

  • What features does the outdoor flood lights bulbs need to have to be perfect for my needs?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need to purchase a certain brand?

Once you’ve answered these questions and have a good idea of what you’re looking for and the buying process becomes much easier. Keep in mind that when looking for the best product, there’s no need to rush. In fact, very rarely are the ideal products found by choosing the first one you see or by basing your decisions on only one factor. Take your time and enjoy the process!

Now, with the answers to the previous questions in mind, we urge you to use our upcoming buying guide for outdoor flood lights bulbs to find what you’re looking for:


In some cases, the brand of outdoor flood lights bulbs is very important. For example, if you’re looking for an item that works in tandem with another, you might very well need both products to be the same brand. If this is the case, it’s vital to pay attention to this factor, as choosing the wrong product can mean the difference between wasting your money and buying a great product that functions as it should.


The features in any given outdoor flood lights bulbs are important because they can dictate which version of an item you need and how much money you need to spend. Consider all the key features that you want your item to have and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t check at least ¾ of your boxes.


Customer reviews about outdoor flood lights bulbs are crucial – especially when you’re buying a product that costs a lot of money or serves a big importance. Luckily, most products can be found online, which means that it’s common for there to be scores of customer reviews from those who have already purchased any given product.

Pay attention to these reviews. Take note of the pros and cons that they mention, and factor these into your big decision. In some cases, you’ll be forced to sacrifice one con in order to gain a particular pro, but being aware of the potential con is going to be beneficial in either case.


Of course, quality is key. You don’t want to purchase a low-quality product. If you do, you run the risk of your item breaking, not working properly, or otherwise proving to be very disappointing, as well as a waste of money.

You can compare outdoor flood lights bulbs quality by researching what your potential purchases are made from, contrasting the individual items against each other to discern which one is made of the best materials.


Warranty isn’t always going to be important, but it definitely can be. This is especially true if the item in question is tech-related or expensive. A good warranty will be valid for an extended time after purchase and cover a variety of problems ranging from item defects to random accidents, water damage, and other miscellaneous events that could ruin your product.


The quest to find the best outdoor flood lights bulbs can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. It can be made much easier by asking yourself a few simple questions and then thinking critically about the items you want to buy. Consider their features, quality, brand, warranty, and customer reviews and you’re more likely to make a great purchase.